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Le Lac - Adults Ski
Learn 2 Turn - Le Lac
Fine Skills - Le Lac
Perfect parallels Bleu Lac
Perfect parallels Rouge Lac
Pefect parallels Green Lac
Le Lac - Children Ski
Petit Yeti - Le Lac
Yeti 1 - Le Lac
Yeti 2 - Le Lac
Yeti 3 - Le Lac
Super Yeti - Le Lac
Junior Academy - Le Lac
Teen Extreme - Le Lac
Lunchtime supervision
Le Lac - Off Piste
Off-Piste Beginner Course - Le Lac
Off Piste (experienced) - Le Lac
Toviere - Chevril
Tarentaise Tour
Le Lac - Snowboard
Rookie - Le Lac
Improver - Le Lac
Switch - Le Lac
Val Claret - Adults Ski
Learn 2 Turn - Val Claret
Fine Skills - Val Claret
Perfect parallels Vert
Perfect parallels Bleu Val Claret
Perfect parallels Rouge - Val Claret
Check-Up Clinic - Val Claret
Val Claret - Children Ski
Petit Yeti - Val Claret
Yeti 1 - Val Claret
Yeti 2 - Val Claret
Yeti 3 - Val Claret
Super Yeti - Val Claret
Junior Academy - Val Claret
Teen Extreme - Val Claret
Lunchtime supervision
Val Claret - Snowboard
Rookie - Val Claret
Improver - Val Claret
Switch - Val Claret
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of the mountain by polishing up your technique with our our expert instructors.

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adventure from your holiday - go paragliding, ice diving, speedriding, ice climbing, dog sledding, ice driving, quad riding or on a helicopter trip.

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with our fun and friendly instructors - watch your children grow into the next big thing!

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of the incredible terrain and off piste environment around the Espace Killy in safety